Saturday, 14 April 2012

Why is Ombre hair still so popular?

The Ombre hair trend isn't a new thing. All you bonafide FashionistA's out there are probably looking at us now with one arched eyebrow like "come on, old news" and while it totally is old news, it's still the hottest hair style on the high street. But why? There's something about the sunkissed tips of hair that has captured everyone's hearts. Perhaps it's the long, soft beachy wave stylings of the Olsen Twins' ombre, or the short, choppy fun bob style a la Miley Cyrus that's got everyone going ombre crazy? We think it's the real people of the UK, the girls you see walking through the Trafford Center, or down the Kings Road on a Friday night. The style has almost formed it's own now, off standing from the slick, celebrity styles. It's morphed into it's own, a new street style. These are where the real trends are born and this two year old trend isn't going anywhere yet!

Perhaps one of the reasons why it's so popular is it's striking appearance for one, but also how incredibly low maintenance the style is. Of course you can attempt to DIY it at home, but why would you do that when simply one trip to the salon will last for months? Due to it being so far down the hair already, it takes a long time to actually 'grow out' as opposed to having blonde all over. You can still achieve that blonde look with the ombre style as the coloured part of the hair is in the 'eyeline' - what we see when we simply look straight ahead. Why spend every two weeks in the salon getting your roots touched up when you can achieve essentially the same look for much, much less effort?

Another reason for it's surge in popularity is how versatile and customizable the look is. You can try different colours and lengths and really make your ombre your own. Every single girl with ombre hair has it different to the next, and that's what keeps the street style looking so fresh. For a real twist, why not mix in another colour? Jessie J rocks her purple ombre, and Katy Perry even did blue and pink once!

We love Ombre hair here at FashionistA, some of the girls in the office even have it themselves too. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!
Love, FashionistA xo

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