Thursday, 5 April 2012

Statement Clutch Bags

Following on from our chatter earlier on Facebook about Clutch Bags, we went in search of some of the web's finest FashionistAs to get us inspired on how to wear the ASOS Statement Clutch we found earlier. We rocked ours with some blue gel eyeliner - our FashionistA one in Exhibition, as well as Nude Nail Lacquer. We wanted to delve further into the land of clutch bags though and when we found out this gorgeous two tone buckle clutch came in three primary shades, we went about getting some inspiration.

There are numerous ways you can wear a clutch bag and it really depends on your style. You can match your clutch bag with your outfit, which the blue one is so perfect for! You can also rock a pastel trend, and although the yellow is a very vibrant yellow, it would still work with a cute coral dress or similar pastel tones. You can of course, keep it super simple with just a plain white shirt and a red clutch bag. We love how the girl in the first image accessorised it though with those patterned leggings - a really cute detail and something you could definitely pick up cheaply on the high street.

Don't be afraid of a clutch, it can be your best friend. Just get used to carrying something around and make sure you don't go leaving it behind!

The ASOS one featured can be found here.

Do you use a clutch bag? How would you wear one if not?
Love, FashionistA xo

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