Thursday, 8 December 2011


So this week I wanted to do something bold... what better than with a smokey eye!

I made this look quite easy and simple... hope you have fun with it!

Here's how i did the eyes...

Step one. use one of our gel liners as a base. Apply a sheer amount with your ring finger and blend any edges away with a brush or a clean finger.

Step two. use Erin our black kohl pencil all around the lashes, smudge with a brush or your ringer till its soft and smokey.

Step three. use eye shadow black out all over the smudged pencil with a short smudge brush... when you have the desired amount of colour on the eye start to blend any edges away with a soft fluffy brush until your happy.

Step four. take an accent colour... I used bronze but you could use a silver if you prefer and just randomly (but very lightly) press over the shadow in the inner eye area. this gives it a modern and cool feel to the look.

you can Get all the products I used on

List of FashionistA products used...

Gel liner in 'gold'
kohl pencil in 'erin'
eye shadow in 'brunette bombshell'
eye shadow in 'black out'
eye shadow in 'chocolate dream'
eye shadow in 'bronze'
kohl eye pencil in 'Gisele'
shine stopper loose powder
blush in 'glowing'
lipstick in 'buff'
lipstick in 'baby doll pink'
mascara in maxi volume big impact lash
concealer in no 1

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Love Katie xx

Thursday, 17 November 2011


So a nail trend that's been on its way for a while has finally arrived... Drizzle nails!
Its a form of nail art that's so easy to do on you self, you'd be silly not to give it a go!

all you need it two polishes one of block colour and one that's glitter... In the photo I have posted is a step by step... Ill talk you through it.

step 1. File and shape nails to desired look.

step 2. paint two coats of chosen base shade (I'm using dead red from FashionistA)

Step 3. take glitter polish and with minimal product on the brush place the brush at the tip and quite 'messily' pull back toward the cuticle. Try to stop halfway up the nail to avoid a full cover glitter affect.

Step 4. finish with topcoat and show your friends...

I love this look, its so festive and great for partys. Give it a try its fun!

Katie xx

Friday, 11 November 2011


Hey guys Welcome back...

So my Video this week is a look inspired by the gorgeous Kristen Stewart and her shoot with W magazine a while back.

I wanted to do a Xmas party look but that didn't include glitter & sparkle...

Its very fashion forward to wear a liner at the mo as it was all over the catwalks at fashion week...

The look its self is very sexy and has an old Hollywood feel to it.

I hope you like it... and try recreate it for your Xmas party...

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Katie xx

List of products are in the contents bar of the you tube video.

Monday, 24 October 2011


Hey FashionistA's... This is Katie, head of makeup at FashionistA.

This is my first post on our brand new shiny blog...

It seemed perfect to start with one of the hottest trends right now... and that's eye liner!
At Fashion week this year, we saw eye Liner in all different shapes and colors... the exiting thing about FashionistA is we have 13 shades of gel eye liner... yes 13!

FashionistA's colors include soft shades for the girl who wants a bit of sparkle but nothing too statement!
Then we have my favorites, the black, brown and purple... Wow do they pack some punch. Oh... and they have a secret brush hidden in the lid! All for £6

Another great thing about this product is that it can be doubled up as an eye shadow base.... it will hold your eye shadow all night!

You must try our little wonder product... It's amazing.

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Katie xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

FashionistA Custom Palette and eye shadows how to

Hi... Katie Here... I hope your well! this weeks video is all about our shadows and palettes. You can see all the shades and how it works and much more... I hope this helps you when you pop to the store and have over 50 shades to choose from...

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FashionistA custom colour pallet

Hi FashionistA's Katie's back with another video...
This time its an eye makeup tutorial... using our exiting custom pallet.
As a busy makeup artist, Katie really needs formulas to perform and do what she needs... so we hope you enjoy using them as much as she does.

Follow katie and if you have any beauty questions you have i'm sure she would love to know what they are!

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FashionistA Magnetism nail polish we created with The Saturdays...

Meeting Katie Jane Hughes...FashionistA's makeup artist

Hey FashionistA's we would like you to meet Katie... shes the makeup artist behind the brand new & exiting FashionistA cosmetics... Here she tells us about how she started in makeup and much more!

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