Monday, 24 October 2011


Hey FashionistA's... This is Katie, head of makeup at FashionistA.

This is my first post on our brand new shiny blog...

It seemed perfect to start with one of the hottest trends right now... and that's eye liner!
At Fashion week this year, we saw eye Liner in all different shapes and colors... the exiting thing about FashionistA is we have 13 shades of gel eye liner... yes 13!

FashionistA's colors include soft shades for the girl who wants a bit of sparkle but nothing too statement!
Then we have my favorites, the black, brown and purple... Wow do they pack some punch. Oh... and they have a secret brush hidden in the lid! All for £6

Another great thing about this product is that it can be doubled up as an eye shadow base.... it will hold your eye shadow all night!

You must try our little wonder product... It's amazing.

Thanks for visiting.

Katie xx

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