Monday, 30 July 2012

**NEW!** Merged Mono Eyeshadows

We are incredibly excited to launch a brand new range of Merged Eyeshadows to our already colour-exploding collection of Mono Eyeshadows.  Create show-stopping eyes with six intensely high-octane, on-trend shades, from the psychedelic tones of ‘Couture’ to the glittering shades in ‘Exclusive Collection’.

Fashion House


Exclusive Collection

Trend Setter


Custom Fitted

The silky smooth texture and multi-tonal, glittering finish make these ideal for mixing and blending with other shades in your Custom Palette.  What’s more, the innovative formula means you can apply them wet to create a creamy eyeshadow or an intense eyeliner, for a multitude of looks. 

How will you wear yours?

The Merged Mono Eyeshadows cost £4 each and are available in selected Superdrug stores, nationwide.

DON’T FORGET about our on-going Palette Promotion too…. Buy 4 Eyeshadows (or Blushers and Bronzers) and a custom palette for just £10 – saving you an amazing £11!!

Love, FashionistA x

Monday, 18 June 2012

*New* Merged Bronzers

The last of our reveal posts showing you our brand new Blushers and Bronzers, today we have our Merged Bronzers to show you and we think they're beauts! In the same vain as our Merged Eyeshadows and Merged Blushers, they contain a few different swirly shades of bronzer all mixed together to create a unique and gorgeous look. The reason why we create Merged products is because the finish is unrivalled in texture and application, they're soft, blendable and work fantastically when used on the cheeks or the eyes. They're glittery but not chunky glitter, and they're pigmented but not so intense it's daunting. They can be built up really easily for a sheer wash on the cheeks getting you summer ready in seconds!

Our new ones and our first ever Merged Bronzers to our line are called (referencing top photo from left to right) Rome, Dubai and Barcelona. Named after some of the hottest cities in the world, they're all different tones to suit different skins. Dubai is the darkest, being a bronze toned gold shade, with Barcelona coming in the lightest at a soft pale brown. Barcelona on darker skintones will make an amazing highlighter too! Rome is a great middle ground for all you olive toned beauties out there (we're jealous) because it's a pale shade with darker veins of bronze running through it.

And just like the others we've revealed, these are also in store now! They're just £4 each so make sure you pop into Superdrug and check them out - we love them! Stay tuned on the blog though because a big post of swatches of all nine of our new products is landing here later on this week.
Love, FashionistA xo

Thursday, 14 June 2012

*New* Bronzers!

If there's one thing we aren't at FashionistA it's slackers! We've been churning out brand new amazing quality products for you all left right and center lately and following on from our last post introducing our brand new Merged Blushers, we've got another surprise in the form of our gorgeous new Bronzers! These are the first Bronzers to be added to our line and we think they're gonna go down a storm!

These three are satin finish and they're called Tokyo, Paris and LA. They apply easily, glide on smoothly and softly and leave your cheeks looking sunkissed. Gorgeous!

The best news is that they're available now from Superdrug and cost just £4 each! Amazing! They pop into our custom palettes so you can build them up into a whole collection if you like! We recommend trying out a palette of some of our new Bronzers and mixing it up with the Merged Blushers too, the combination is beautiful. Swatches coming soon and look out for the last post showing you the shades of our new Merged Bronzers!
Love, FashionistA xo

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Perfectly Nude Nails

Mannequin style nails first exploded onto our nail loving radar a couple of years ago, when the trend was hot hot hot. It was seen widely at LFW for A/W approaching this year so we thought we'd show you our two nude toned polishes for some inspiration. Just because Fashion Week says it's for A/W totally doesn't mean you can't rock it now! Most women opt for nude tones as it's subtle on the fingers but still immaculate and perfectly polished.

The two we have in our collection are called Rhythm and Nude, with the second photograph above being reference for which way round. Rhythm is a dark dusky pink that leans towards being a bit brown in tone. Nude is a soft pink beige that is definitely on the cool pinker side.

Both of them apply incredibly well with just one coat - the swatches on the wheel show them applied with a single coating! Of course they are built up perfectly with two coats, but for a softer look you can apply the sheerer coat of just one. They're really long wearing and chip resistant, but are sealed perfectly with our base and top coat for maximum shine!

We love getting our nails all nude and naked - especially in the Summer as it provides a welcome break from bright pop coloured nails. Embrace the nude now with FashionistA - available in Superdrug for just £5 each!
Love, FashionistA xo

Sunday, 10 June 2012

First look at our new Mascara!

Some exciting news for you all this Sunday as we reveal our brand new Fibre Lash mascara! It's called The Double Collection and it consists of a double ended mascara with two different wands. The first end is a white mascara for a base coat, that helps to lengthen the lashes and coat them for more added drama. The second end is a big dense fibre brush that adds definition, drama and the intense black shade coating. The reason why there's two mascaras is because the difference it makes is huge. By adding the base coat, it helps coat the lashes so when the black layer is added, they're super voluminous and full of length and drama. It's a trick that when done well pays off really well!

When combined together they create the perfect lash! How exciting! It's a welcome addition to our mascara family and we're really excited to reveal it to you! It's in a new slick packaging that helps you easily identify which side is the correct side to use first and it's metallic casing is gorgeous.

We're really proud of our new mascara and we're happy to say that it launched into Superdrug stores last Friday! Yay!

What do you think of our brand new mascara? Will you be heading into Superdrug to pick it up?
Love, FashionistA xo

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Diamonds are forever...

So that's it everyone! Happy Jubilee! We hope you had the most amazing weekend here at FashionistA and enjoyed partying with the Royals for our four day extravaganza! Only in Britain eh.

A huge highlight for us here at FashionistA was watching the Royal Jubilee concert on Monday night - we loved Robbie and Gary, and of course our favourite Jessie J - but the real stars shone in our national pop treasures. Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Tom Jones and Dame Shirley Bassey just to name a few, wow, what a show we were treated to. We've loved the whole red/white/blue patriotic theme this weekend but something Shirley said got us thinking... diamonds really are forever, and no one loves a diamond more than the Royals! (Did you see that great big one the Queen had at the end! corrr!) So we've decided that for the forseeable future in honour of the Queens year, we're going to be rocking as much glitter as possible, and here's our pick of the hottest diamond inspired clothing to get you all inspired and fired up for those Olympic games too!
Look at these amazing glitter kitten heels!! They're a steal at £45 from ASOS.

Ahh we love this cute prom style dress from Topshop - team it with some winged black liner and you'll be the belle of the ball! Topshop for £160.

We're pretty much in love with these glittery hotpants! Brave, but gorgeous. £30 from Topshop!

We love the subtle glitter detail collar on this gorgeous Miss Guided shirt - just £22.99!

And of course, where would any self respecting glittering FashionistA be without her gorgeous blinged up nails? This is Hidden Treasure and you can grab it from Superdrug for just £5!

What do you think of glittering diamond inspired clothing for the Summer party season? We loved dressing in red, white and blue but it's not ideal for the rest of the year - with these bits we can celebrate the Queen in true style! Oooh Ma'am!
Love, FashionistA xo

Friday, 1 June 2012

NEW! Merged Blushers

There's nothing we love more at FashionistA than adding some new products to our line. Not only does it make us happy, we know it makes you happy too! We've been really busy so far this year making some brand new bronzers and blushers to share with you guys and we thought today we'd pop up a sneaky peek at our brand new blushers! There are three in total, and they're our merged blushers so they have a little shimmer running through them and each one contains a mix of at least two colours.

Our three new ones are called London, New York and Milan and the shades represent the trend setting cities in which they are named after. A coral pink flush for London, a soft but punchy shimmery pink for New York and the vibrant sunshine glamour in a bright pink for Milan. The last photograph shows them all in this order.

So what do you think of our gorgeous new merged blushers? The best news is yet to come - they're already in store now! So head on down to Superdrug and check them out for yourself - we think you'll love them all! If we had to choose we'd pick London, aside from the obvious reasons it's just beautiful and the gorgeous coral/pink mix is so hot for summer!

Stay tuned for more information on our brand new bronzers!
Love, FashionistA xo

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cheryl Cole's bronzed look at Cannes and *that* dress

Last week the Internet whipped itself up into a frenzy over a little Geordie lass on the red carpet at none other than glam French film soiree, Cannes. Why did everyone go so crazy? Well, mainly because Cheryl's seemed so troubled lately and has also been keeping herself out of the limelight but also because she appeared to have 'bounced back' - and done it very well indeed. She made absolutely no quarms at all in making sure we all remembered who she was that night, donning a Stephane Rolland gown which ensured all eyes were on her.

So, the fash pack loved it, and the press loved it too. But what did you guys really think? At FashionistA, we reckon the dress is gorgeous and Cheryl looks gorgeous but well, we totally wouldn't even wear anything remotely similar. Maybe ever. Not even to our own birthday party. (Unless it was on the set of Made in Chelsea.) But one thing we're all totally taken with is the red! The combination of white and red can often seem quite harsh, but in this way - with this seasons hottest trend the dip dye on side - it seems to blend effortlessly into the red carpet, molding her and the setting into one. We predict this is gonna be a huge trend now popping up on the High Street and we're interested to see how it goes and how we'll be wearing dip dye in a few weeks to come. H&M have already knocked out a £15 version for their charity Fashion Against Aids, which should satisfy any of you die hard Cheryl fans that want to get the look:

We absolutely love Cheryl's glowing bronzed face look and luckily for you guys, we've just launched three bronzers of our own! Here's a sneaky little peek...leave us a comment letting us know which one your favourite is! We'll bring you much much more information on these later on in the week so stay tuned to find out more...

So how do you feel about Cheryl's dress, and her bronzed look? Love, FashionistA xo

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fashionista Loves... ASOS

We adore ASOS at FashionistA - not a week goes by when one of us gets a ring on the doorbell from the postman at the office with yet another ASOS order! Right now we're loving all the bold prints and pastel mixes coming out of ASOS and have been browsing the site all anxiously waiting for pay day to come around again so we can buy even more goodies!

There's such a mix of retailers on ASOS that there's always new things to find and have a look at, so we've collated a mix of six of our favourite pieces that mainly involve tribal prints and pretty pastels with a couple of cute British bits thrown in.

When wearing bold prints, it's important to dress down the rest of your outfit - if you see the picture at the bottom in the middle - her top is so printed she teams it with just some plain black leggings. The dress in the middle at the top was a huge favourite of ours because it combines the bold print but still has some black on it so it's not too in your face.

Love, FashionistA xo

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday Shoe Lust: Topshop

So it's that time of the weekend's Saturday Shoe Lust! We LOVE shoes at FashionistA We know that Saturday nights out are where it's at and so to help you all out we're scouring the High Street's hottest stores to bring you the best shoe gallery going! This week's feature is all about the institution that is Topshop, and taking a closer look at their shoe offerings for this season. There's a real mix of styles from flatforms to really eye-catching heels. Let's take a look at FashionistAs Topshop Shoe picks!

The best thing about Topshop we think is the broad range of colours of shoes they have available! Pastel is a huge trend for Topshop this shoe season, whether you like cool pastel blues or greens or even nudes and soft pinks. There's also more of a variety of style of shoe - from flatforms to espadrille wedges. Of course there's always some perfect heels - something for everyone! Who doesn't love heels?
Love, FashionistA xo

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Top 5 Mono Eyeshadows

We absolutely love our Mono Eyeshadows and while there's only four that fit into a palette we can still have five favourites...right? So here they are to help out any of you a little bit confused about which ones to go for first!

Cafe Au Lait

This is the absolute perfect soft natural shad. On pale girls it will be a fantastic highlighter, and on darker skinned girls it'll work so well as a brightening inner corner shade.


For anyone a little afraid of colour, Meadows is the perfect soft green. It's quite blue so it's not too harsh to apply and it's shimmery and beautiful! It's also such a trend to rock at the moment - pastels are huge!

Brunette Bombshell

This is the perfect chocolate brown. It applies easily, softly and goes on absolutely beautifully! We don't think we really need to justify this one to you - we reckon you coo-ed all over it as soon as you saw it just then...

Deep Ocean

This isn't really a conventional choice at all - but we absolutely love Deep Ocean! We like to use it wet as an eyeliner, or to set our Secret Gel Eyeliner to keep it in place all day. Of course, you can use it as a normal eyeshadow, but we love it as eyeliner!


A bit like Brunette Bombshell, this is an absolutely gorgeous soft brown that will absolutely honestly suit every single girl out there. That's why it's our absolute favourite Mono Eyeshadow just has to go to this little vixen that is Foxy!

What are your favourite Mono Eyeshadows? Tell us!
Love, FashionistA xo

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

FashionistA Brand New StyleBrow

NEW FashionistA StyleBrows Kit

Here at FashionistA HQ, we’re feeling so excited about our NEW eyebrow kit – this season’s make-up bag essential. This Spring/Summer, it’s all about the power brow. Whether groomed and preened to perfection like Katy Perry or worn rough and au naturel like Keira Knightley, brows are without doubt the key to framing the eyes and creating a beautifully defined face.

Made up of two brow powders in a cool and warm tone so you can custom blend to get the perfect shade, this handy palette has all you need to create the perfect arch. It even comes fully equipped with mini tweezers and a double ended brush for extra precision and the wax will ensure your brows stay in place.  The genius little highlighting powder is great for brightening your eyes and making your brows look extra neat!

Check out Katie FashionistA’s video tutorial on how to use the palette… she even shows us how to get creative like Rihanna in her new music video for Where Have You Been.

FashionistA StyleBrows, £7, is available in selected Superdrug stores.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Summer style

We've been shopping here at FashionistA! Here's what we got. The shoes are from, the shorts are from H&M, the top belongs to one of the FashionistA girls and is vintage Topshop (but there are so many similar ones like it!) and the sunglasses are H&M. The weather is so hit and miss at the moment we're not sure when we'll be able to head out in shorts like this but we can all dream, right?

Makeup wise with this look we're rocking clean, soft pretty pastels to compliment the style of clothes - you don't want anything too over the top with those sparkly shorts! We reckon the hottest eye look with this would be a smokin' soft turquoise. Here is the low down on getting a gorgeous look with FashionistA:

Start by applying our Mono Eyeshadow in Envy all over the lid softly. We're going for just one wash of colour but you can go for adding some other shades too - depending on what kind of look you prefer. Line the eyes with Supermodel Kohl in Giselle - which will add definition to the eyeline and provide a soft smokey eye.

Blusher is in Butterscotch, a soft natural pink that will just help make the skin look glowy and a pretty natural flush. We also absolutely adore our 360 Catwalk Powder which comes in three shades depending on what colour you need. It has this amazing swivel mirror that goes all the way round so applying it is a doddle!
Love, FashionistA xo

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sunglasses Shopping Help!

We're getting all excited here at FashionistA HQ and are preparing for summer in every single way possible. Luckily for us, we're off on sunny holiday very soon and so we've been frantically sunglasses shopping! Now this can be quite a stressful task if you're not 100% sure which sunglasses are best for you. So, we thought you'd help you out with some examples of styles and face shapes that will suit you :)

Square Face Shape

If you have a square shape face like Paris Hilton does, the best type of sunglasses to go for are circular/oval  ones with side detail set on the top - like these Ray Ban style ones. 

Round Face Shape

Pick shapes that are as wide as they are deep if you have a face shape similar to Cameron Diaz- and also square in shape. Ones with colour and decoration on the temples are also fab, but we love these giraffe print ASOS ones that would look fab with a round face!

Heart Shaped Face

If you have a heart shaped face like Jen, it's best to go for rounded styles and especially those with lower set sides - just like these ones. These are quite light in colour too, which is also great for this face shape.

We hope this helped your sunglasses shopping! Are you off on holiday soon?
Love, FashionistA xo

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Soap Awards look by Katie Jane Hughes for FashionistA

Our amazing Head of Makeup Artistry Katie Jane Hughes did this gorgeous look on Scarlett Bowman for the Soap Awards which aired on our telly screens this Thursday. Katie used Red Carpet which she applied beautifully straight to the lips, carefully ensuring the colour lasts all night by dabbing off any excess product inbetween layering. This red is the perfect compliment to blonde hair, don't you think? She simply lined the eyes with our gorgeous Gel Eyeliner in Fashion Mogul for a classic, beautiful look.

Katie also did the makeup of the beautiful Anna Shaffer which she kept beautifully simple. Anna has the most gorgeous freckles, and so Katie decided that covering them up would quite simply be a sin! She just prepped the face with our Fashion Secret Flawless Primer and then dabbed on some of our Brush On Concealer where needed to cover any imperfections, under the eyes mainly. She used our Merged Eyeshadow in Bella as a highlight on the cheeks and simply finished with a slick of Coral lipstick mixed with a tiny touch of Red Carpet.

Katie says "When creating the look for Anna, I decided to keep her gorgeous freckles prominent. Sometimes, all you need is a flick of mascara and a statement lip to be ready for anything!"

What do you think of our Soap Awards looks by Katie?
Love, FashionistA xo