Monday, 18 June 2012

*New* Merged Bronzers

The last of our reveal posts showing you our brand new Blushers and Bronzers, today we have our Merged Bronzers to show you and we think they're beauts! In the same vain as our Merged Eyeshadows and Merged Blushers, they contain a few different swirly shades of bronzer all mixed together to create a unique and gorgeous look. The reason why we create Merged products is because the finish is unrivalled in texture and application, they're soft, blendable and work fantastically when used on the cheeks or the eyes. They're glittery but not chunky glitter, and they're pigmented but not so intense it's daunting. They can be built up really easily for a sheer wash on the cheeks getting you summer ready in seconds!

Our new ones and our first ever Merged Bronzers to our line are called (referencing top photo from left to right) Rome, Dubai and Barcelona. Named after some of the hottest cities in the world, they're all different tones to suit different skins. Dubai is the darkest, being a bronze toned gold shade, with Barcelona coming in the lightest at a soft pale brown. Barcelona on darker skintones will make an amazing highlighter too! Rome is a great middle ground for all you olive toned beauties out there (we're jealous) because it's a pale shade with darker veins of bronze running through it.

And just like the others we've revealed, these are also in store now! They're just £4 each so make sure you pop into Superdrug and check them out - we love them! Stay tuned on the blog though because a big post of swatches of all nine of our new products is landing here later on this week.
Love, FashionistA xo


  1. I never use bronzers but I also think they look so pretty. Love the colour of these!


  2. It would be great to bring out lipglosses/lipsticks in the same shape that we can pop into the palletes. This way you only need one pallete to do your touch ups, bronze, blush, shadow and lipcolour all in one! xx

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