Friday, 1 June 2012

NEW! Merged Blushers

There's nothing we love more at FashionistA than adding some new products to our line. Not only does it make us happy, we know it makes you happy too! We've been really busy so far this year making some brand new bronzers and blushers to share with you guys and we thought today we'd pop up a sneaky peek at our brand new blushers! There are three in total, and they're our merged blushers so they have a little shimmer running through them and each one contains a mix of at least two colours.

Our three new ones are called London, New York and Milan and the shades represent the trend setting cities in which they are named after. A coral pink flush for London, a soft but punchy shimmery pink for New York and the vibrant sunshine glamour in a bright pink for Milan. The last photograph shows them all in this order.

So what do you think of our gorgeous new merged blushers? The best news is yet to come - they're already in store now! So head on down to Superdrug and check them out for yourself - we think you'll love them all! If we had to choose we'd pick London, aside from the obvious reasons it's just beautiful and the gorgeous coral/pink mix is so hot for summer!

Stay tuned for more information on our brand new bronzers!
Love, FashionistA xo


  1. absolutely love these! i cant seem to get onto yr twitter account? :(