Friday, 24 February 2012

Dressing for inbetween seasons

Dressing for in-between the seasons can be tricky. Today and yesterday in London have both felt very much like spring is on it's way and this poses that oh-so-awkward dilemma of trying to figure out what is appropriate to wear. After weeks of shivering on the train, in the office and even on the tube we're now feeling the warmth of Spring and all of a sudden those faux fur coats we've been wrapped in feel very inappropriate. Not only does this transition mean often buying a new wardrobe, but drawing inspiration for a whole new season of clothes - which sometimes can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially with all the different prints and trends happening this season in particular.

FashionistA decided to venture out onto the high street to see what was out there to be accessorized up and thrown on ready for this awkward in between season time. We spotted this absolute gem from H&M and thought it was perfect for adding a touch of spring into our wardrobes. Best of all it was at the amazing wallet busting price of just £7.99. Fab. If the weather stays like this, we're definitely planning a little weekend London venture - probably to a bistro cafe for lunch on the cobbles at Covent Garden - and we don't want to look too dressy but want to feel weather appropriate. This cotton dress seems perfect for it:

Winter meant grungy, dark nails and this is the first opportunity for us to get out of the rut and get into a far more appropriate shade for this weather. We've chosen Winters Day, ironically, which complements the dress perfectly but is a gorgeous two-tone, so shimmers and sparkles in the light, previously un-seen and unappreciated in Winter! This shade is ideal because although you may feel like getting out the brightest shade you own, it's not quite ready for it yet. 

Finish the whole look with a touch of Blushing Coral on the cheeks and Coral Couture Plumping Lip Glaze on the lips. We think we've nailed the in between season style - even if we do say so ourselves!

Winters Night - £5 from Superdrug
Blushing Coral - £4 from Superdrug
Coral Couture Lip Glaze - £6 from Superdrug

What do you think of this look? How do you dress for in between seasons?
FashionistA xo

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

FashionistA Cosmetics at London Fashion Week for PPQ

As the official makeup provider for the PPQ show at the Autumn/Winter London Fashion Week show, we created a gorgeous look that is easily recreated at home. The inspiration behind the look was a luxurious Hollywood style glamour feel, portraying natural beauty and enhancing the best features a woman has. Makeup artist for FashionistA, Katie Jane Hughes, was in charge of ensuring the final design and style of the look was exactly what PPQ wanted, and also made the most of the FashionistA cosmetics she was using.

The basis of the look was a flawless skin – reminiscent of 50’s cinema. To create the skin Katie used our Secret Mattifying Primer all over the skin and if the model needed it she gently dabbed on a little Ready to Wear Concealer. The blush used was Cinnamon, which Katie applied to the hollow of the cheek. Cinnamon is a really natural pink toned tan shade that adds depth and definition to the face. It’s very universally flattering and really subtle. Katie then finished the look by buffing in our hero product, the Mattifying Loose Powder. This is perfect because it totally eliminates shine and makes the skin matte while evening out the tone. It’s good to keep in your handbag, because it’s fab for touch ups on the go.

Because the skin was so clean and fresh looking, the brows needed to be defined to enhance that natural innocence look. By filling in the brows slightly darker, it helps create that youthful radiance. Katie used our Gel Liner in Dress Down Cool, a dark brown shade, to exaggerate the arch of the brow and then swept it softly down toward the cheekbone. She then finished with brown mascara to tame the brows into shape. To bring a whole new and cute dimension to the look, just on the top of the cheekbone Katie added a small heart on a handful of the models with the same Gel Liner. This really made the look stand out on the catwalk! It could be easily replicated for a unique look for a party look as it’s subtle but still really pretty. The eyes were finished with very minimal makeup, using the shades Brunette Bombshell and Black Out. A mix of both was applied to the top of the lash line to enhance the eyes.

The lips are always a talking point on any makeup look, whether it’s on the catwalk or if you’re rocking a strong lip walking down the high street and the PPQ show was no exception. Katie used a blend of Red Carpet and Coral in our Long Lasting Lipstick with a lip brush creating a shape that helped enhance the cupids bow. To help your lipstick last longer, blot in-between layers as this helps the lipstick stick to the lips.

Right now, on and off the catwalk it’s all about nails. Knowing we were creating quite a soft glamour makeup look we knew we could create a really bold nail look. Katie used press on nails to create the love heart shape. She shaped them to a point for the base of the heart prior to using them. She painted the nail in Hidden Treasure, the gorgeous sparkly gold, all over the nail. She then used a small pointed eyeliner brush to draw the outline of the heart shape with black nail polish, and then filled in the rest before pressing on the nail tip at the point. It was all sealed with our fab Topcoat!

The beauty of the look we created for PPQ is that it can all be done very easily and quickly at home for a really striking natural look. All FashionistA cosmetics are available from selected Superdrug stores across the UK.

Let us know what you think in the comments!
FashionistA xo

Sunday, 12 February 2012

ANGELINA JOLIE Celeb look...

Hello gorgeous makeup fans...

This week I did a look Inspired by Angelina Jolie, I think she s so beautiful so was really exited to do this.

Its a really easy look, that takes no time at all... it will also suit everyone. I hope you like it.

Tips to get the look perfect... Liner! Start slowly and take your time and hold a mirror under your chin at an angle if it helps.

Skin! dont over do the foundation less is definitely more...

Eye shape! if you have Ange Shaped eyes already and feel that the technique I show to Make the eye appear longer and feel that wont suit you... then just thicken the line through the middle of the eye.

See ya next time x