Sunday, 29 April 2012

Love Megan...

Hey... this weeks look was inspired by the stunning Megan Fox, She is definitely my girl crush!
This Makeup she's is wearing is really easy to do, especially with our super soft formulas of eye shadow and eye pencil...
I hope you try it out as its a shape that suits most eyes and the colours are gorgeous earthy tones...
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Enjoy Xoxo

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday Shoe Lust: New Look

We LOVE shoes at FashionistA Some of us even started hyperventilating at the idea of looking at shoes for a Saturday feature! We know that Saturday nights out are where it's at and so to help you all out we're scouring the High Street's hottest stores to bring you the best shoe gallery going! This week's feature is all about purse friendly New Look - with some hot shoes to rival even the most expensive brands! Let's take a look at our New Look shoe picks:

Every FashionistA needs some bang bang shoes and whether you're rocking some flat sandals with a little neon accent, or a bold coloured wedge - or even looking to channel the Olympic fever - we found them here at New Look!

It's so important when rocking a bold colourful shoe to keep makeup calm, we recommend using our Double Take Long Wear lipstick in Buff to add sheen to the lips but not too much colour! What is your favourite type of shoe? Let us know!

Love, FashionistA xo

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

FashionistA Street Style Competition

Us Brits have always been admired for our cool, quirky and fun sense of style and with the likes of Alexa Chung, Jessie J and designers such as Dame Vivienne Westwood and Mary Katrantzou making waves across the globe, there’s no wonder that we have quickly become the leaders in shaping the fashion industry.

That’s why we count ourselves incredibly lucky to be based in one of the most stylish cities in the world; London, UK.  We’re always taking inspiration from the catwalks and high streets to create make-up that pushes the boundaries and praises individuality and frivolity!

This week, our Head Make-Up Artist Katie Jane Hughes has been scouring the stylish streets of London and snapping cool and creative outfits – she even gave each lucky lady a make-over using FashionistA Cosmetics to complement their ensemble.   Check out some of the looks she spotted and the make-up she used below… as well as our exciting Facebook COMPETITION at the end of this post! 

Get creative with your accessories!  We love the colourful and feminine accent the scarf adds to this grunge-cool outfit. 

Katie says:  “I went for smokey eyes with a feline finish using Secret Gel Eyeliner in 'Dress Down Cool' (£6) – the semi-matte brown colour worked well to highlight her beautifully dark and sultry features.  A slick of 'Buff' Lipstick (£6) kept focus on her big brown eyes.

Clash your textures and wrap up warm with a sheepskin gilet teamed with a leather biker jacket.  We love the boho touch of layered jewellery, too. 

Katie says:  “Brighten up your complexion with purple-smokey eyes.  I used a mixture of 'Black Out', 'Sultry' and 'Flamboyant' Mono Eyeshadows (£4 each) on the eyes to mirror her violet t-shirt then a splash of pink on the lips with 'Raspberry' Lipstick (£6).

You can't go wrong with a statement coat to cheer up a pair of skinny jeans and boots - how amazing is this cobalt blue trench coat!

Katie says: "I loved the contrast of her honey-toned hair and the brightness of her coat, so bright pink lips made complete sense to me! Colour clash with Plumping Lip Gloss in 'Hollywood' (£5)".

This season, it's all about the maxi skirt... we love the French Riviera feel of the navy blue skirt teamed with a casual, white tee. 

Katie says: "Add a pop of colour to a minimalist look with a bold lipstick.  I went with 'Red Carpet' Lipsticl (£6) to run with the nautical theme."

Update your denim with printed jeans.  Hoe great are these leopard print skinnies? Team yours with brogues to add a boyish touch.

Katie says: "With so much print and colours going on, sometimes less is more.  I went for a fail-proof slick of liner to the upper lash line for extra definition.  Secret Gel Eyeliner in 'Short List' (£6) is perfect as it's not too dark and has a glint of shimmer to brighten the eyes."

We want you to vote for your favourite look and be in with the chance of WINNING £130 worth of FashionistA Cosmetics, as well as a pair of suede and snakeskin platform heels! Head over to our Facebook Page and comment on the image you like the most via our Street Style Album
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Love, FashionistA

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Coachella Street Style - bold prints

We've been scouring the snaps from Coachella to bring some of the Summers hottest trends. One thing we've noticed pop up quite a lot has been bold, colourful prints. Whether you wear them clashing with each other or just to compliment the rest of your style - everyone seems to be embracing the bold print this Summer. We've looked at all our favourite High Street stores to see what they're offering in way of bold prints and colours to help give you some inspiration on how to wear bold prints this upcoming Season:

left to right: headband, topshop, sunglasses, asos, top, topshop
outfit, motel rocks, shorts and skirt, topshop, necklace, asos

Our favourite way to finish the look as the girl in the bottom left of our photos so beautifully demonstrates, is with the simple red lip. Our Red Carpet lipsticks are so pigmented they'll last on you all day! Apply one layer of the lipstick, dab lips with a tissue, then apply another layer - this will help stain the lips better and keep the colour vibrant for hours. Perfect for Summer BBQ's and festival wear!

Love, FashionistA xo

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bling Magnetizm Nails - (3 for 2 now in Superdrug!)

If you haven't seen our Magnetism Nail Lacquer yet - where have you beeeen? It's this amazing Nail Lacquer that you apply two coats of, and then when it's wet you put the magnet (hidden in the lid) over it to create a gorgeous wave pattern! These launched in stores at the end of last year but they've been whipping up a frenzy ever since, and rightly so we believe. Right now they've just gone on 3 for 2 in Superdrug so we've been playing about with a gorgeous sparkly look with Notorious Silver and Hidden Treasure - one of our regular line Nail Varnishes!

We think the idea of adding a little extra sparkle to the tips is perfect - the manicure is already quite eye- catching with all the magnet waves through it but there's always room for a little extra sparkle. Why not turn your magnet like we have above to create waves at different angles and horizontally/vertically? There's so much fun to be had, it can always be mixed up to create something new.

The trend is still a hot look for Summer so why not venture into Superdrug and check it out while it's 3 for 2! The Magnetism polishes retail at £6 each, the magnets are £3 seperately and the single Nail Varnishes from our core range are just £5 - so right now this look costs just £11! How amazing is that?!

Love, FashionistA xo

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Coachella Style - Celebrity

There is no doubt no matter how you feel about it or not, there's always one set of photos that comes round once a year that makes us sigh with envy. The fash-packers ultimate trip, and what consistently looks like the contents of NYFW on holiday comes in the form of coolest-festival-in-the-world Coachella. Every year hundreds of celebs dash to the beaches of California and show us all what designers they're loving in preparation for Summer. Here's a snapshot of FashionistA's handpicked style favourites:

Of course the style is always very boho and hippy, with Fergie making absolutely no exception (what are those shoes though?!) but both Emma Watson and Kate Bosworth are setting a new trend in tiger animal print. Theirs of course, courtesy of Mulberry. We love all the different trends popping out but one thing remains clear - always get your sunnies out! One of our favourite things about Coachella simply because it's so far away from any land we know here in London (our usual festival snaps come courtesy of mud drenched wellies, hi Glastonbury!) is all the gorgeous pictures that come out of it. Everything looks better doused in sunshine and California is no exception. Come on, there was always a reason The O.C was so big in the UK and it totally wasn't down to any oscar winning performances! Here's a selection of some of our favourite Coachella images, fresh from the smartphones of the FashionistAs who attended:

Ok next year can FashionistA go pleeeeease!? We're going to keep a close eye on the 'street' style trends posting themselves on the internet over the next few days and report back on any pre-Summer trends with High Street copies! See you then,
Love, FashionistA xo

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Why is Ombre hair still so popular?

The Ombre hair trend isn't a new thing. All you bonafide FashionistA's out there are probably looking at us now with one arched eyebrow like "come on, old news" and while it totally is old news, it's still the hottest hair style on the high street. But why? There's something about the sunkissed tips of hair that has captured everyone's hearts. Perhaps it's the long, soft beachy wave stylings of the Olsen Twins' ombre, or the short, choppy fun bob style a la Miley Cyrus that's got everyone going ombre crazy? We think it's the real people of the UK, the girls you see walking through the Trafford Center, or down the Kings Road on a Friday night. The style has almost formed it's own now, off standing from the slick, celebrity styles. It's morphed into it's own, a new street style. These are where the real trends are born and this two year old trend isn't going anywhere yet!

Perhaps one of the reasons why it's so popular is it's striking appearance for one, but also how incredibly low maintenance the style is. Of course you can attempt to DIY it at home, but why would you do that when simply one trip to the salon will last for months? Due to it being so far down the hair already, it takes a long time to actually 'grow out' as opposed to having blonde all over. You can still achieve that blonde look with the ombre style as the coloured part of the hair is in the 'eyeline' - what we see when we simply look straight ahead. Why spend every two weeks in the salon getting your roots touched up when you can achieve essentially the same look for much, much less effort?

Another reason for it's surge in popularity is how versatile and customizable the look is. You can try different colours and lengths and really make your ombre your own. Every single girl with ombre hair has it different to the next, and that's what keeps the street style looking so fresh. For a real twist, why not mix in another colour? Jessie J rocks her purple ombre, and Katy Perry even did blue and pink once!

We love Ombre hair here at FashionistA, some of the girls in the office even have it themselves too. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!
Love, FashionistA xo

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Steal Her Style! Jessie J goes girly

We love Jessie J in these gorgeous pictures for Glamour Magazine USA! We love Jessie anyway - her fierce feminist attitude as well as her honest personality on The Voice at the moment has cemented her in our books as a firm favourite. We found these gorgeous photos from a recent shoot for Glamour USA and particularly loved the simplicity of the bottom one. Jessie's personality shines through amazingly and although she can totally do it like a dude, we think she's rocking the girly girly look too! We hope those Americans love her out there as much as we Brits do back at home! 

Jessie's crocheted dress is a little too daring for us at FashionistA - although we do like to push fashion boundaries we're just sure we'd never pull it off as well as Jessie. Luckily the high street has come up trumps for us again with this gorgeous offering from Motel! It's crocheted enough to please us but less see through - this pleases us even more. Isn't it beautiful? 

Plus, we love a long sleeve in this unpredictable weather! One thing we can totally take from Jessie and wear ourselves is her bold lip look. We love the contrast between the dress and the bold classic red lip so have taken to our lipstick stash to wear Red Carpet - our perfect red. The new modern combo!

What do you think of Jessie's girly look? Do you like the Motel dress and Red Carpet Lipstick combo?
Love, FashionistA xo

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Statement Clutch Bags

Following on from our chatter earlier on Facebook about Clutch Bags, we went in search of some of the web's finest FashionistAs to get us inspired on how to wear the ASOS Statement Clutch we found earlier. We rocked ours with some blue gel eyeliner - our FashionistA one in Exhibition, as well as Nude Nail Lacquer. We wanted to delve further into the land of clutch bags though and when we found out this gorgeous two tone buckle clutch came in three primary shades, we went about getting some inspiration.

There are numerous ways you can wear a clutch bag and it really depends on your style. You can match your clutch bag with your outfit, which the blue one is so perfect for! You can also rock a pastel trend, and although the yellow is a very vibrant yellow, it would still work with a cute coral dress or similar pastel tones. You can of course, keep it super simple with just a plain white shirt and a red clutch bag. We love how the girl in the first image accessorised it though with those patterned leggings - a really cute detail and something you could definitely pick up cheaply on the high street.

Don't be afraid of a clutch, it can be your best friend. Just get used to carrying something around and make sure you don't go leaving it behind!

The ASOS one featured can be found here.

Do you use a clutch bag? How would you wear one if not?
Love, FashionistA xo

Monday, 2 April 2012

Retro Inverted Nails

Get retro 40s glam with a reverse french manicure and be the talk of all your friends! We've chosen our beautiful Hidden Treasure as a base because it's sparkly and girly but still soft and subtle, and tipped off the ends with In Love, which is a deep plum purple. It creates a gorgeous art deco 40s style look that isn't just eye-catching but unique too. 

The look is really simple to do, just paint the nails all over with Hidden Treasure, don't worry too much if it's a bit wobbly at the tip because you're going to paint over it. Wait for Hidden Treasure to dry and then put In Love on the tips, painting gently with the nail brush. 

Just because we're so not over the whole Lana Del Rey look yet and it totally ties in with the vintage/retro 40s look, here's a shirt we're full on lusting over from Zara that we think would be perfect with these nails! What do you think? FashionistA HQ is right in the center of London so we might even swing by after work today to grab it - it's been on our minds all weekend! Don't you think it'd look fierce with this mani?

What do you think of the reverse manicure and the Zara shirt?
Love, FashionistA xo