Thursday, 12 April 2012

Steal Her Style! Jessie J goes girly

We love Jessie J in these gorgeous pictures for Glamour Magazine USA! We love Jessie anyway - her fierce feminist attitude as well as her honest personality on The Voice at the moment has cemented her in our books as a firm favourite. We found these gorgeous photos from a recent shoot for Glamour USA and particularly loved the simplicity of the bottom one. Jessie's personality shines through amazingly and although she can totally do it like a dude, we think she's rocking the girly girly look too! We hope those Americans love her out there as much as we Brits do back at home! 

Jessie's crocheted dress is a little too daring for us at FashionistA - although we do like to push fashion boundaries we're just sure we'd never pull it off as well as Jessie. Luckily the high street has come up trumps for us again with this gorgeous offering from Motel! It's crocheted enough to please us but less see through - this pleases us even more. Isn't it beautiful? 

Plus, we love a long sleeve in this unpredictable weather! One thing we can totally take from Jessie and wear ourselves is her bold lip look. We love the contrast between the dress and the bold classic red lip so have taken to our lipstick stash to wear Red Carpet - our perfect red. The new modern combo!

What do you think of Jessie's girly look? Do you like the Motel dress and Red Carpet Lipstick combo?
Love, FashionistA xo

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