Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Coachella Style - Celebrity

There is no doubt no matter how you feel about it or not, there's always one set of photos that comes round once a year that makes us sigh with envy. The fash-packers ultimate trip, and what consistently looks like the contents of NYFW on holiday comes in the form of coolest-festival-in-the-world Coachella. Every year hundreds of celebs dash to the beaches of California and show us all what designers they're loving in preparation for Summer. Here's a snapshot of FashionistA's handpicked style favourites:

Of course the style is always very boho and hippy, with Fergie making absolutely no exception (what are those shoes though?!) but both Emma Watson and Kate Bosworth are setting a new trend in tiger animal print. Theirs of course, courtesy of Mulberry. We love all the different trends popping out but one thing remains clear - always get your sunnies out! One of our favourite things about Coachella simply because it's so far away from any land we know here in London (our usual festival snaps come courtesy of mud drenched wellies, hi Glastonbury!) is all the gorgeous pictures that come out of it. Everything looks better doused in sunshine and California is no exception. Come on, there was always a reason The O.C was so big in the UK and it totally wasn't down to any oscar winning performances! Here's a selection of some of our favourite Coachella images, fresh from the smartphones of the FashionistAs who attended:

Ok next year can FashionistA go pleeeeease!? We're going to keep a close eye on the 'street' style trends posting themselves on the internet over the next few days and report back on any pre-Summer trends with High Street copies! See you then,
Love, FashionistA xo

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