Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bling Magnetizm Nails - (3 for 2 now in Superdrug!)

If you haven't seen our Magnetism Nail Lacquer yet - where have you beeeen? It's this amazing Nail Lacquer that you apply two coats of, and then when it's wet you put the magnet (hidden in the lid) over it to create a gorgeous wave pattern! These launched in stores at the end of last year but they've been whipping up a frenzy ever since, and rightly so we believe. Right now they've just gone on 3 for 2 in Superdrug so we've been playing about with a gorgeous sparkly look with Notorious Silver and Hidden Treasure - one of our regular line Nail Varnishes!

We think the idea of adding a little extra sparkle to the tips is perfect - the manicure is already quite eye- catching with all the magnet waves through it but there's always room for a little extra sparkle. Why not turn your magnet like we have above to create waves at different angles and horizontally/vertically? There's so much fun to be had, it can always be mixed up to create something new.

The trend is still a hot look for Summer so why not venture into Superdrug and check it out while it's 3 for 2! The Magnetism polishes retail at £6 each, the magnets are £3 seperately and the single Nail Varnishes from our core range are just £5 - so right now this look costs just £11! How amazing is that?!

Love, FashionistA xo

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