Thursday, 29 March 2012

FashionistA loves...Zara

For Spring/Summer, Zara has come out trumps at the top of the high street picks and it's fast becoming one of FashionistA's favourite place to shop. We're absolutely loving the soft pastel trends and the multi-coloured pop skinny jeans! There's some amazing stand out pieces including clutch bags and heels that will add new textures and colours to your outfit.

We're getting close to the weekend and hoping it's going to stay as sunny as it has done over the last few days! We're loving piecing together outfits and nails and hoping the sun isn't going anywhere. How are you planning on dressing for Spring? We love to hear what you think and how you are getting inspired by the High Street at the moment!

Those shoes in the bottom left (aren't they beautiful?) have reminded us of how much we love bright nails so we've decided to adorn our nails in the gorgeous polish that is Hot Pink! Following on from our pink picks earlier on our Facebook page, don't you think these nails just look fab with those pastel blue skinny jeans?

Tell us what you think of Zara and any picks you have seen yourself in there recently!
Love, FashionistA xo

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