Wednesday, 21 March 2012

And it was all Yellow...

We're a bit scared of Yellow. It's such a bright colour that we feel definitely takes a lot of guts to carry off. Although it's primarily associated with happiness and joy (well it makes us feel happy anyway) it's very bright and can really portray a bold statement. We were rummaging through Primark's latest collections when we saw this yellow ensemble, entirely from Primark! Wow. Primark to us means messy floors, frenzied buyers and cheap dodgy clothing! But look at that! It's absolutely gorgeous and is very hot for Spring trends. Everyone around you might be wearing pastels but yellow gives you the opportunity to stand out. Our only problem is, we're not 100% confident to wear it fully, especially not how this model is wearing it!

So how do you wear yellow? Help us in our confused and nervous state! We're popping out to the shops tomorrow and will report back with any yellow findings later on - but for now we want to know how you wear yellow or if you even wear yellow at all! Should we rock some yellow or are we getting too carried away with Summer approaching...
Love, FashionistA xo

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